Who We Are?

We all have dreams... Dreams are making our life more exciting and beautiful...
This collection has been my dream for a long time.
Being a fan of boho-chic style, traveling all over the world, meeting inspiring people,... it all became more than just a hobby. A dream was born.
I noticed that being unique is more important than just being in fashion. So when I found amazing products, bags and accessories that are handcrafted by skilled artisans, I decided to launch my own collection, Maison Babou was born.
I have dedicated this collection to my grandmother Babou, who was an amazing person and a wonderful artist. Everything she created was beautiful. (This one is for you Babou)

We hope you will love our collection as much as we do.

Do you want to become a reseller, please go to 'contact us' and we will send you our lookbooks and wholesale prices.

With love,